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Do You Live in a Safe Neighborhood?

by Scotsman Shield
Safe Neighborhood

In 2016, the District of Columbia had the highest violent crime rate with about 1206 violent crimes per 100, 000 residents.

Alaska had the second-highest figure with around 804 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. Shocking, right?

But how can you know if your neighborhood is safe? Is it possible to find out the rate of violent crimes in your location?

Well, there are a ton of free crime-tracking tools that you can use to check neighborhood crime rates. The downside is that some of these tools and websites are junk.

In this piece, we'll look at the top 5 crime-tracking websites that can help you figure out if you're living in a safe neighborhood. Here they are:

1. FamilyWatchdog

If you're looking for a site that focuses on sex crimes, you should try out FamilyWatchdog. This tool will provide you with a map that pinpoints the addresses of the nearby sex offenders.

Family Watchdog

The map has color-coded icons that correspond to various sex offenses, including rape, sexual battery, and crimes against children.

The tool also provides pictures of sexual offenders and their aliases. It also has a unique feature that will alert you when a sexual abuser moves in or out of your neighborhood.

2. CrimeReports

This site provides users with violent crime data and home invasion statistics from more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies. With this tool, users can search crime data by address, zip code, region, or law enforcement agencies.

The tool also has a feature that allows you to narrow your crime search by date range, time of the day, the day of the week, and incident type.

You can also sign up for crime alerts, register your home security camera, and even access or submit safety tips

3. AreaVibes

AreaVibes has a custom search function that allows you to sort locations by livability factors such as amenities, crime rates, housing, and education.

The tool also has a distinctive feature that enables users to compare the criminal activity in several cities at once.

But that's not all. The site also breaks down offenses by type, number of reported incidents, and crimes per 100, 000 inhabitants.

AreaVibes also allows users to compare an area's crime statistics with state and national crime statistics.

4. NeighborhoodScout

With this tool, users can compare the neighborhood overall crime rate, property crime rate, and violent crime rate to those of other regions. You can also compare the rates to the state and national average.

You can also focus on a specific crime search area defined by the miles from an address or the distance around the city.

The tool also has a smart algorithm that can tell users their chances of becoming crime victims in their neighborhood.

NeighborhoodScout is free to use but charges a fee for detailed reports.

5. SpotCrime

SpotCrime uses icons to show crime type, making it easy to know what kind of criminal activity takes place in your neighborhood.

The tool also has a most-wanted page, city crime maps, and daily crime reports.

SpotCrime has a unique feature that allows users to report a crime or share crime tips anonymously. This website is also user-friendly and highly visual.

Find out If You Live in a Safe Neighborhood

Want to know if you're living in a safe neighborhood?

The websites highlighted above will provide the crime rate statistics you need. They'll also help you and your loved ones to stay safe.

Remember to check out our blog for more helpful articles about safety and security such as Talking to Your Kids about Safety.


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