Our Bill of Rights and Its Relationship to our Constitution

by Scotsman Shield
Bill of Rights

To the discerning person, our founding documents were clearly inspired by God who in turn conveyed these wonderful words to our founding fathers. Any doubt of divine providence in the creation of our Republic, historically flies in the face of man’s selfishness. No nation has ever come forth offering such absolute freedom to their people as these documents have provided.

Previously in history, governments held totalitarian chains on their people, just as King George of Great Britain attempted to do. Our Constitution reads like the divine words from our Bible… “Man is endowed by his creator with certain unalienable rights, among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Notice the writer’s use of the words “certain” and “among.”

This clearly indicates that the writer was consciously aware that there were additional rights given to us by our Creator. It clearly follows that our “Bill of Rights” sets forth divine rights given to us from God.

We the People

This line of thinking is beyond dispute. The results of these documents in our nation’s history is absolute proof that our Republic has provided her people with the highest form of freedom and prosperity ever experienced on this earth.

All of which came about as result of the people following the mandates set forth through our founding documents. Can anyone, using basic logic, argue this point?

God created this nation and that is the absolute truth. As true as night follows day, the people of this nation must follow, and not deviate one iota from these mandates, our God given Constitution and Bill of Rights if they are to survive.

Recent arguments have come forth as to the verbiage of our Bill of Rights. The words in the second amendment, “shall not be infringed,” are a pure mandate from God that we are not to tamper with the clear understanding of these Divine words.

No nation has ever survived when the word of God is ignored. Today, the word of Divine Providence is being ignored! If we don’t wake up, we will surely end up on the ash heap of history as so many civilizations before us.

WAKE UP AMERICA and recognize, as our forefathers did, that this is GOD’s Republic and we must defend it, even with our lives.


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