A Look at 2018's Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

by Scotsman Shield
Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

Have you ever been walking alone in the dark and found yourself wishing you have some method of defending yourself? Maybe you wish you had some knowledge of defensive moves. Or you'd like to have an item on hand that would help ward off an attacker.

Whatever self-defense method comes to mind, having some training or a self-defense item can help calm your nerves in this sort of situation.

If you're looking for self-defense options, stun guns are one of the best. Not only can they be small and inconspicuous, they can also be highly effective.

Though, if you're wanting something bigger and more intimidating, they come in those forms too.

There are so many stun guns available that you'd have a hard time counting them. So how do you know which is best?

We've done some research to save you some time. Here's our list of some of the best stun guns available in 2018, as well as some customer feedback for each.

How Stun Guns Work

Before we get into which stun guns are the best in the current market, let's talk a little bit about why they're so effective in the first place. Knowing how they work will help your self-defense efforts be more effective.

Though they're known as "guns," stun guns are a perfectly non-lethal mode of self-defense. Though they're powerful, they won't kill or permanently damage an attacker.

Instead of shooting a projectile, these guns emit a powerful electrical shock that disrupts the proper functions of a person's muscles and nervous system.

While it won't cause any permanent damage, the electrical current will incapacitate a person if they're in contact with it for long enough (mere seconds). It may also cause some pain.

Stun guns are highly effective, as well as highly convenient. Many of them are small enough to fit in your hand or pocket. This also makes them easy to conceal.

Though if you're looking to let people know you're armed with protection, you can do that too. Some stun guns fit in holsters or come with belt attachment options. This allows you to keep your stun gun easily accessible to you as well as visible to potential attackers.

Stun guns aren't legal in every state, so make sure you research local restrictions before you buy.

The Best Stun Guns of 2018

Now that you know a little more about stun guns, let's get to the guns themselves. Several types of stun guns are available, and there are countless versions of each type.

From traditional to disguised, here are some of the best stun guns we've found for self-defense in 2018.

The Best Tactical Stun Gun

If you're going for tactical and heavy duty, the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 Aluminum Series 10 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun is for you. Not only will it hold up to wear and tear, it will also do a fantastic job at helping you defending yourself.

This stun gun includes an LED tactical flashlight, and it looks like a simple flashlight too, helping to create a disguise. The flashlight features a 100,000-hour bulb, so it will last you a good long while.

To keep things convenient, the battery for this stun gun is rechargeable, so you won't have to worry about replacing batteries. And you'll never have to worry about buying a replacement thanks to the accompanying lifetime warranty.

Several reviewers mentioned being very happy with the flashlight; that it is very bright and effective.

Best Stun Baton

If you aren't looking for something small, try the Mini Barbarian stun baton from Streetwise Security Products. This gun's test firing sound alone could be enough to intimidate a potential attacker into rethinking their plan.

In this model, Triple Stun Technology is used to send electrical charges from three separate points on the top of the baton. This stun baton is shockproof and includes a rechargeable battery and flashlight.

This baton doesn't only offer self-defense through stunning. You can also use it to strike your attacker if you need to.

For the most part, reviewers have been very happy with this stun baton. Several mentioned using it to ward off stray dogs.

Best Stun Gun for Hiking

If you love to go camping and hiking, or anything else that requires a hiking stick, this stun gun is definitely the one for you. If you're going to carry a hiking stick anyway, why not get one that's also a great self-defense tool?

Cleverly disguised as an ordinary hiking stick, this stun gun will surprise any attacker. Thanks to the length of the item you'll be able to zap your attacker before they're even within arm's reach.

The Hike 'n Strike features EXTREME Spike Electrodes, is expandable, and provides a practical texturized rubber grip. For added safety and convenience, a flashlight comes built into this great setup.

Overall, reviewers have been happy with this product. Several have used it to ward off dog attacks and have loved the results. However, some have found the accompanying cap and wrist strap to be cumbersome.

Best Stun Guns Disguised as Something Else

For perfect convenience as well as discretion, why not consider getting a stun gun that doesn't look like a stun gun at all? Plenty of stun guns have been cleverly disguised as other objects. Here are a few of our favorites.

Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun

This stun gun is fantastic for hiding in plain sight. Keep it in your pocket or purse and nobody will be the wiser. They'll just think you came prepared to look great on your night out.

Sporting a compact size of only 5" X 1", this stun gun doubles as a flashlight and provides 3 million volts of surprise.

This stun gun is also rechargeable and comes in black, pink, red, and purple.

Reviewers enjoyed the flashlight feature and user-friendliness but did note that this stun gun was bigger than expected. It is bigger than a typical lipstick, though it is disguised to look like one.

Zap Self Defense Cane

Weighing only one and a quarter pounds, the Zap Self Defense Cane will surprise any attacker with 1-million volts of charge. Completely disguised as a cane, you'll be able to stun attackers at a range of 36 inches.

This self-defense cane also comes with a flashlight that can be used to light your way or blind an attacker. The cane is adjustable from 32 to 36 inches. It's also rechargeable and has a capacity of 250 pounds.

Several reviewers mentioned purchasing the cane for protection against aggressive dogs. Those who put it to that use reported that it worked wonderfully.

Cell Phone Stun Gun

If you're really looking to disguise your stun gun, check out this one that looks like a cell phone! Very convincingly, we might add. Perfectly disguise your self-defense tool while keeping it in your hand the entire time.

For anyone walking home from work or school or in any other situation where they want their stun gun at the ready, this cell phone disguise is perfect. No one will suspect a cell phone pack a 12-million-volt punch.

Keep calm knowing you're always prepared with this in hand. Made to look realistic, this stun gun matches the modern cell phone in both looks and size.

And like several other stun guns we've featured here, this one offers the convenience of being rechargeable. It also includes a flashlight.

Reviewers agree, this stun gun absolutely visually passes as a phone.

Best Stun Gun Overall

The VIPERTEK VTS-880 - 5 Billion Mini Stun Gun is one powerful little stun gun! Though small, only 2" x 7/8" x 4", this stun gun packs a big punch.

No need to replace batteries here. This stun gun comes with a rechargeable battery. It also comes with an attractive lifetime warranty.

Multiple reviewers reported using the stun gun on others with permission to great effect. Others agreed with the product description: the sound of the shock alone is enough to cause a scare.

Stun Guns for Every Situation

Stun guns exist to fit just about every situation. Whether you have a small budget or unlimited funds, there's one for you.

If you're a man wanting extra help if an attack should come, or a woman walking home alone, there's bound to be a stun gun you'll love.

We've featured a variety of stun guns here, both to showcase the variety available, as well as highlight the best that are out there. Whether you choose one from this list or one you find on your own, make sure it matches your own personal needs.

Hopefully, you'll never need to use it, but once you've armed yourself with a stun gun you'll be glad to know you have the help if you need it.

We offer a large selection of stun guns. To see if one of them fits your needs, head to our website today.


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