7 Reasons You Need a Wireless Security System

by Scotsman Shield
Wireless Security System

Home security is a real priority for you and your family. Especially when statistics show that 3.7 million home burglaries happen each year. So, there's no better time to get a wireless security system for your home than right now.

But what are the advantages of a wireless system? Why would it be better for your home versus other security options out there?

There are actually many advantages to a wireless system. Many that you may not have known existed.

Let's discuss why you need a wireless security system for your home and how it can make your family's way of life more safe and convenient than ever before.

A Wireless Security System Brings Peace of Mind

A lot of people think a home security system is there to just protect against thieves or intruders. But it's so much more than that.

Adding a security system to your home can also protect you from other things such as fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and medical assistance.

It can help save you money on energy bills and on your homeowner's insurance.

And a wireless system can give you peace of mind in more ways than just those:

1. Easy to Install

One of the major drawbacks of traditional wired systems is that it involves construction to install it. That can cause a big mess, a big bill, and a big headache.

With wireless, you simply take the system out of the box and set up wherever you like. There's no running wires throughout the house or tapping into an existing system. No destroyed sheetrock.

Plus, if you decide a sensor would be better in a different place, you're not tied to the original installation setup. Move it and change it to whatever fits your needs!

2. More Secure

Another advantage of a wireless system is that's it's more secure than a wired one. And isn't security the main reason you're buying a system to begin with?

Since there are no telephone lines or electrical wires to cut, an intruder can't disable the system from anywhere inside or outside your home.

Also, wireless systems come with battery backup. That way, if you should ever lose power, you don't have to lose your home's security with it.

Both of these reasons make a wireless system the more secure and reliable option for your family and for the money.

3. Flexible to Your Needs

The system configuration you have today may not be the same configuration you need down the road. Changing priorities and lifestyle needs are a way of life. You need something that can change with you.

Wireless security systems are super easy to change whenever you like. There are no wires to pull out of the wall or holes you have to cut and patch up later.

Sensors are easy to move or add when needed. If you find the keypad is better suited in a different location, no problem. Simply move it to wherever is better for your household.

Not having wires to tether you to one location and setup brings with it a whole new element to give you peace of mind.

4. Easy to Expand

At some point, you may decide you need more security, or maybe less. Being able to scale your setup to fit your needs, without a lot of hassle, is worth its weight in gold.

Have a new baby on the way? It's easy to add a camera and link it into your wireless system.

Are the kids getting older and you need more sensors on doors and in the kitchen? No problem. Adding sensors to your system is easy and hassle-free.

Or maybe the kids are now out of the house and you don't need as many sensors as you once did. Well. it's just as easy to remove sensor as it was to install them.

5. Fast Support

If an emergency should ever come up or you're in need of technical support, a fast response is what you need and deserve.

With the cellular connection of a wireless system, you get the added benefit of your service provider troubleshooting from afar.

There is no need to schedule and wait for a service technician to come to your home and repair anything then. You now have the added convenience of being able to have your service provider use remote tools and programs to access your system and fix any issues right then and there.

6. It's Portable

What's not to love about a system you can take with you no matter where you go?

People who rent, who tend to move around a lot, or just know that they will have to be moving soon but still want to be secure until then don't have to worry. Wireless security systems can go wherever they go.

There are no wires in the walls. Nothing you have to leave in the current house. Everything can be packed up and then installed in any configuration you like in the new place.

Peace of mind that travels with you. That is worth every penny.

7. Can Make Your Home a True Smart Home

And not only can you get the added peace of mind with home security, having a wireless system can improve your home's way of life as well.

Most wireless security systems have added devices you can get to improve your home's efficiency and turn it into a true smart home.

Tap into your security cameras through your smartphone to be able to see what's going on while you're away. Add a smart thermostat to be able to control your home's heating and cooling from anywhere and anytime. Automate your lights and locks to be able to control your home's security and access through an app.

Any of the smart home features can be added or taken away whenever and however you need.

Security and Convenience All Wrapped up into One

A wireless security system can be your home's best friend in more ways than one. With the flexibility, convenience, and security it brings with it, your family will wonder how it ever got by without one before.

Have questions about how a wireless system can work in your particular home? Contact us today! We'd be happy to help!


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