7 Benefits to Using a Nanny Cam

by Scotsman Shield
Nanny Cam Benefits

The national unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around a record low at just 3.8%. What that number means beyond a strong economy is that parents have less flexibility in watching their children during work hours due to their career obligations.

Consequently, they're turning to nannies to help.

Nannies can provide high-quality child care services when you're not able to. Unfortunately though, not all nannies are created equal. For many parents, when leaving their children in the care of a nanny, they worry about their child's well-being.

A solution to this worry is installing a nanny cam.

To help you better understand the benefits a nanny cam can afford you, our team has put together this article outlining their key advantages.

1. They Ensure your Child's Long-Term Safety

Many families hire a nanny and have them tend to their children through their whole adolescence. Imagine having an adult watch your child for years and finding out later that the whole time they were abusing your son or daughter...

This story is more common than you think. Given that young children aren't able to communicate abuse or even if they are, can get intimidated into keeping quiet, there is increased risk of a nanny taking advantage of them.

With a nanny cam, you can discreetly review footage of your nanny's interactions with your child. With that advantage, at the first hint of abuse, you can not only fire your nanny saving your child from years of trauma but press charges against them.

2. They Give You Emotional Support

Even if your nanny is excellent at what he or she does, the fact that you're missing out on 8 hours or more of your child's life 5 days a week can still be difficult.

With a nanny cam, you can peak into those hours you're missing and get to spend time with your child at a distance. You can watch milestones you would have otherwise missed, watch your son or daughter play or even just be soothed by the sight of them sleeping.

These connections afforded by a nanny cam while you're away can be invaluable.

3. They Let You Correct Routines

Not all nanny issues are connected to abuse. Sometimes, nannies just have a different way of raising kids than you do.

With a nanny cam set up, you can notice the differences in your approaches to child-rearing and if necessary, discreetly offer guidance on how you'd like things done instead. This will ensure that your children are getting educated in a way that aligns with your household's values.

4. They Give You Inspiration

Touching back on the idea that nannies will have different approaches to raising kids than you do, sometimes, those differences are actually things you'll want to adopt.

If you notice when reviewing footage that certain activities a nanny is enjoying with your child really brings out the best in your son or daughter, you can replicate them on your own time. Without the help of a nanny camera, you may have never known about your child's favorite games or special techniques that really allow you to connect with them.

5. They Can Serve Multiple Purposes

Just because a camera is labeled as a nanny cam doesn't mean that its only purpose is to supervise nannies. When your nanny is off duty, your camera can act as a security camera for your child's bedroom, as a baby monitor, and more!

This multi-functionality will give you a greater return on your investment when you choose to purchase one.

6. They Are Legal

It is legal to use hidden cameras in your home in all 50 states. But there are some small caveats you should be aware of to protect yourself.

For starters, you're only allowed to film common spaces. That means you can't install hidden cameras in bathrooms or in your nanny's private bedroom if they live onsite.

To remedy the issue of blind spots, you can specify to your nanny certain rooms your child is to be tended to in and rooms they are not to enter. That way, you never have to worry about your nanny spending inordinate amounts of time with your child in rooms where you can't see them.

For full information on the legality of discreet audio and video recordings in your area, consult a legal professional.

7. They Give You Peace of Mind

No matter which of the issues above mean the most to you, the fact that a nanny camera can resolve them means more peace of mind for you.

The time you'd spend worrying about your child's safety, your nanny's values, missing milestones and more can take over your life and damage your work performance.

With a nanny camera in your corner, you have the ability to alleviate all of your child separation related concerns in just a couple of clicks. That ability is a powerful one that can save you from stress and keep you in a good place mentally and emotionally!

Wrapping Up Nanny Cam Benefits

A nanny cam is a tool that can help you support your child while they're in the care of another adult. Not only do they help you ensure your child's safety, but they afford you and your family a whole host of broader benefits that make investing in one a no-brainer for many parents.

So, if you're ready to start making sure your child is being afforded high-quality care in your absence, take a moment and review your local discreet audio and video recording laws and pick up your nanny camera today!

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At Scotsman Shield, our passion is your household's safety. To that end, we've been providing people like you with what they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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