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Keep those unfriendly dogs away effectively and humanely! Point and click. Quick and simple to operate. Anyone can use it.

Ultrasonic Dog Chaser

Whether you are a jogger, runner, or a walker who likes to take strolls in the park, you could greatly enjoy the benefits offered by an ultrasonic dog chaser device. The Super Dog Chaser can protect you from dogs while letting you practice your favorite sport safely and without incident. You can use this device to silence your neighborhood and prevent your dog, or your neighbors' dog, from barking.

Many people are afraid to leave their homes and because of their neighbor's dog. Or, they are afraid of stray dogs roaming the neighborhood looking for food or looking to torment people. You definitely don't want to go outside with this prospect of being attacked by a ferocious beast!

You can find a way to stay protected else it looks like you’ll spend a good deal of time at home. That’s no fun nor is it convenient! Forgoing fresh, clean air on your outing is another one of those downsides of being confined inside because you’re afraid of dog attacks.

Fortunately, you can now get out whenever you want, and you can enjoy your evening walk in the park without having to be afraid anymore. Our Super Dog Chaser ultrasonic device can help you keep all dogs away in the press of a button.

This powerful device creates a high pitched sound that’s extremely irritating for dogs. However, it does not cause any harm to humans.

Dog Chaser

The Super Dog Chaser uses the latest advancements in technology in order to produce an ultrasonic high-pitched sound. The frequency of the sound is of over 20,000 Hz (up to 25,000 Hz). The average human cannot hear sounds over 16,000 Hz, making it totally harmless for people. Children are able to hear higher frequencies, but no more than 20,000 Hz, so they’re safe, too.

To better understand how frequencies work, we invite you to click and listen to this video: You’ll see what a 20,000 Hz sound looks like and learn if you can get higher than 16,000.

The device has been tested in laboratories, under strict rules and regulations, to ensure optimal quality and safety. It never harms humans or animals. Yet, it produces a sound that disturbs dogs and cats and sends them away instantly. It also makes them stop making noises and makes them whimper by grabbing their attention in an instant.

You can use this modern device in various ways.

For starters, use it to prevent your dog or your neighbor's dogs from barking at each other. Super Dog Chaser can work at a range of 40 feet but many users have stated that it’s effective even further way! Cats and little dogs can hear the disturbing sound from a distance of up to 60 feet.

You can go near the neighbor's fence, press the button, and your neighbor's dog will stop barking.

Use the device to calm down cats, too.

Got a cat waking you up in the middle of night? Press the button and the signal will make them running. Cats have the habit of fighting at night which will ruin anyone’s good sleep. The device is great for sleep comfort and all those around you if you’re in an apartment with close neighbors.

Staying protected from dogs is a simple process. Take this device with you in a small backpack or attached at the hip whenever you want to get a breath of fresh air. The moment you hear nervous barks behind you, grab it and press the button once. The canine will slowly get back. Simultaneously, turn on the super bright LED and point it towards your aggressor and let the flashing strobe temporarily blind and confuse the dog.

You may also use the Super Dog Chaser ultrasonic device as a standalone flashlight. The powerful LED flash requires a 9-volt battery to work. The light it offers is extremely bright so take notice not to point it towards another human being.

Going on a trip into the mountains? Don’t forget to take this device along! It could save your life and provide the light to those dark, and sometimes dangerous, places. The bright light and noise also has the potential to keep wild animals at a distance. However, do keep in mind there have been no tests in the wild. The manufacturer does not guarantee this unit will keep wild animals at a safe distance.

Nevertheless, you’ll find it quite handy when jogging, trekking, or running in the park. This ultrasonic dog chaser has the following features:

  • Dimensions: 4-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 3/4"
  • Stops dogs and cats from 40 feet away and prevents them from getting close to you due to the dual capabilities: high-pitched sound and flashlight
  • Super powerful LED that has the potential to confuse and blind animals
  • Over 20,000 Hz ultrasound that is extremely irritable to dogs and cats, but does not affect humans
  • Works with a standard 9-volt battery
  • Extremely easy to use: point and click
  • Includes instructions
  • Smooth all-black design makes this unit invisible at night
  • Can be easily carried around in a backpack due to the reduced weight

The Super Dog Chaser is an excellent tool for staying safe when jogging, running or walking. No matter the circumstances, it's always a smart idea to have one of these devices with you at all times. You can use it from the comfort of your home to put an end to fighting cats or restless neighbors' dogs. You could also use it in the forest or any area that requires a powerful light.

Order now and enhance your protection from potentially malicious animals.

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