Animal Repellents

Do you enjoy hiking in the woods, jogging through town or taking a leisurely stroll through the park? Are you concerned about an animal attack while you are enjoying the Great Outdoors? Thousands of Americans are attacked by animals each year. Our complete line of animal repellents will keep you safe when you are enjoying the outdoors.

Animal attacks are truly frightening! When you spot an aggressive animal, your instinct is to run. However, doing this causes the animal's natural predatory nature to kick in, which can lead to a devastating attack. Rather than running, you must stand your ground and use an animal repellent.

Our complete line of animal repellents will keep you safe. We offer:

  • Ultrasonic dog chasers
  • Bear pepper sprays
  • Dog pepper sprays

Our animal repellents are humane and protect against animal attacks.

Our ultrasonic dog chaser uses a high-pitched alarm that only dogs can hear. This alarm, coupled with the strobe flashlight, will confuse the animal and prevent the dog from attacking. Its powerful alarm can be used up to 40 feet away. Simply point the ultrasonic dog chaser towards the dog to keep danger at bay.

Our pepper sprays can be used on a variety of aggressive animals, including dogs and bears. This pepper spray repels aggressive animals. Our animal repellents are registered with the EPA and are one of the most effective animal repellents on the market.

Why take the chance of an animal attack when you can enjoy spending time outdoors safely with our animal repellents. Our complete line of animal repellents will keep dangerous animals at bay so you can get out and enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer. Order your animal repellents today so you can go on a hike, jog through your neighborhood or take a leisurely walk through your favorite park without the worry of aggressive animals.